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The humans behind the screen...

Our vision is driven by the belief that we can make all companies visible, regardless of their size or industry. We want to break the conventions linked to the big agencies in the sector, which see the client purely as one of many invoice numbers. Our promise is a good-quality, human relationship, constant monitoring and personalised attention to clients’ needs.

In order to stay on top of new developments, we regularly welcome new talent to complete specific tasks.

The company is now firmly established in the Lausanne region and, over the years, has successfully built and strengthened its dominant position among the digital marketing agencies in French-speaking Switzerland.



Antoine is the founder of Brands Up. A traveller and autodidact who’s naturally curious, he will be your main point of contact. When he’s not busy trying to sneak into Google, you’ll find him on his tatami mat, drilling his Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques.

Speciality: Proving to clients that all of their online actions are measurable.


Kevin is the team’s very own Mr Google Ads. Although he didn’t start out working in the industry, he cut his teeth in Ireland while working for Google. A keen sportsman and fan of Latin music, he knows exactly how to transfer his knowledge to solve any problems you might have.

Speciality: Developing an SEA strategy that’s adapted to and optimised for your goals.


Megan graduated from the University of Oxford with a First in French and works with the team to translate their blog articles and other content from French to English. In her spare time, you’ll find her travelling, supporting her beloved Liverpool FC… or adding to her ever-growing collection of trainers.

Speciality: Laser-sharp attention to detail to make sure that every word has maximum impact.

Why choose our agency?

Working with us guarantees tangible results. Everything we do, we measure, and this enables us to assess your progression.

Working with us also guarantees the opportunity to use and benefit from the most current practices in the ever-changing world of web marketing.

Our desire to give personal attention to every client allows us to offer you the best possible service.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Take a look at our client testimonies on our website, Facebook or Google.