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April 25, 2015

Everything you need to know before boosting your posts on Facebook

Facebook Advertising

Among the various promotional tools that e-marketers use, advertising campaigns on Facebook are becoming increasingly successful. Relatively easy to implement, they allow users to specifically target their audience while also quantifying their ROI. What’s more, in terms of price, Facebook campaigns are very reasonable when compared to advertising on AdWords or LinkedIn*.

The advantages are indeed numerous, but it goes without saying that e-marketers hoping to launch a Facebook advertising campaign must have a sound knowledge of how to properly set up campaigns, or they run the risk of losing time or money.

Or worse, both.

When we speak with our clients for the very first time about their experiences with Facebook advertising, we usually hear the following:

  • “We carried out a campaign on Facebook and we received no results!”

  • “I invested 30 CHF on a publication and I received nothing in return!”

As we dig a little deeper, we find that 9 times out of 10, that client used the “Boost Post” option that Facebook offers to users before they publish their post. It also turns out that what the client meant by “campaign” was in fact just a sponsored post.

Making a “sponsored post” does not mean you have launched a campaign.

Before getting into the details of “Boost Post”, remember that there are three methods of advertising on Facebook:

  1. The most accessible, the most tempting and unfortunately the least effective (in our opinion), is the “Boost Post” option;

  2. Via the Facebook advertising manager;

And via Power Editor for Chrome, which we use and also recommend.

The Easy Option - Using “Boost Post”

When you are managing your page, it is very tempting to press the "Boost Post" button to promote your publication. Facebook has cleverly placed this button right next to the publish button, luring users to choose the option that requires the minimum effort... but also delivers the minimum results.

Frankly speaking,the "Boost Post" option was created for beginners who prefer to take a shortcut to advertising on Facebook.

You can see below where this button is found:

La tentation de booster un post

Let’s take a look together at the other options that are available to you.

  • Target the fans of this page.

  • Target the fans of this page, and their friends.

  • Target an audience that you have already defined and registered in Advertising Manager.

Facebook Boost Post - Options Budget and Planning 

Facebook suggests several budget options, but you are free to manually enter and plan your own budget. The more money that you spend on each post, the greater the number of people you will potentially reach. Facebook provides you with a real-time update of how many users have been affected by your Ad. It is also important to remember that your publication cannot be promoted for more than 7 days, the limit that is imposed by Facebook.

Why We Do Not Recommend Boosting Your Posts

As the name suggests, “Boost Post” gives your publication a greater reach.

The targeting options that Facebook offers, while numerous, are very limiting if we are serious about launching an effective Facebook advertising campaign.

  • Here’s why we think it’s important not to use this option:

  1. The “higher budget, higher audience” suggestion is an illusion. Even if you manage to reach a wider audience, if you fail to target your audience accurately, you will fail to engage.
  2. You do not have control over the results. When using Power Editor, you are given four options to manage your budget, while with the “Boost Post” option, these options are automatically filled for you.
  3. The promotion period is limited to 7 days. To really get results on Facebook, it is crucial to think in the medium- to long-term. In 7 days, you will not be able to track trends or take meaningful data from your short investment.
  4. The placement of your post. In choosing to “boost” your post, it will only appear in the newsfeeds of users on desktop and mobile, rather than in the right column.
  5. You cannot use “Facebook Pixel”. If you create a post in an attempt to sell your product, you cannot measure your conversion rates.
  6. You cannot insert a “Call To Action”. You cannot add the buttons for “Learn More”, “Purchase”, etc. on your post.

How To Advertise On Facebook

Although the "boost post" can give new life to one of your publications, the fact remains that it is still a seriously undeveloped way to advertise on Facebook.

The options that are available to you in the advertisements or Power Editor manager allow you to create professional campaigns while rigorously and effectively measuring each objective.