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Retargeting Facebook Campaign for an E-Commerce website

Digital Strategy
Facebook Advertising

Many Ways SA is a Swiss company specialising in the creation and production of personalised textiles.

In early 2014, the Many Ways team partnered with AIR14 to become their official merchandiser. Payerne AIR14 was the biggest European airshow in 2014*.

In February 2014, AIR14 launched an e-shop to start selling merchandise related to the event.

From the launch of the e-shop to mid-July, the bulk of the traffic (and sales) on the e-commerce site was therefore only related to the relay of the official website of AIR14.


When Many Ways solicited our services, their goal was clear: make themselves known to a larger number of potential aviation fans on social media before, during and after the event.

We can summarise their request in three points:

  • Many Ways position themselves as the official AIR14 merchandising partner on social networks;
  • Transform fans into buyers;
  • Increase traffic to their website from social networks.


After an analysis of their situation and the potential of Facebook for selling items on e-commerce sites, we proposed that Many Ways should focus on this network and launch a paid campaign from their Facebook page.

We capitalised on the limited series of replica swiss pilot jackets (159 CHF, HT) and produced the following advertisement:


The Facebook Ad

  • A clear hook;
  • An image clearly showing the product on sale;
  • A “Shop Now” link to go directly to the e-shop.

Budget and targeting

  • A budget of 350 CHF for the entire campaign
  • Campaign start: July 27, 2014 / Campaign end: September 14, 2014
  • We used two types of strategies to target users on Facebook:
  • Targeting users who had already visited the merchant website
  • Targeting by interest (gender, interests, age, city, etc.)


To track our results, we established a track on Google Analytics, giving us insights into:

  • How many visits to the e-shop the Facebook Ad generated;
  • How many visitors were converted (completed a purchase);
  • The conversion rate per segment

"Retargeting" segment


Interests segment


In observing the two screenshots above, we can deduce the following:

  • Facebook advertising generated a total of 2,967 visits (1614 from the “Retargeting Segment” and 593 from the “Interests Segment”)
  • Advertising achieved 54 sales (42 from the “Retargeting Segment” and 12 from the “Interests Segment”)
  • The conversion rates were 2.02% and 2.60% respectively.


For a modest advertising budget, the result that we achieved was more than satisfactory: not only did the advertising campaign bring traffic to the website, but visitors also completed the act of purchasing, and more than 50 times.

For privacy reasons, we will not release the sales figures for this campaign.

However, if you assume that each transaction was at least the price of a pilot jacket (visitors could add other items to their baskets), nothing prevents you from calculating the number of jackets sold to get an approximate amount.

In terms of return on investment, this campaign was a huge success for Many Ways SA.

This campaign once again demonstrates the importance of Facebook as a major online marketing channel. There are now over 1 billion users on the website, representing an incredible amount of data.

In short, the success of the campaign can be attributed to two key factors:

  • A well-written ad that made users want to complete a purchase;
  • Precise targeting on Facebook (the more specific your audience, the more they will be interested in your products).

*The meeting was held in the last week of August and the first weekend of September in 2014. The meeting attracted more than 400,000 people in just 10 days.