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Lowering the Cost of Requests for Quotes via Facebook

Digital Strategy
Facebook Advertising

USBfactory Sàrl is a Swiss SMB specialising in the creation of customised USB keys. The company has existed since 2008 and has since established itself as one of the key players in this sector in Switzerland.

Active in offering their customers quality customisable objects, USBfactory added a new item to its range: the Power Bank, a portable battery for phones and tablets.


USBfactory called upon our web marketing services to achieve two objectives:

  1. 1. Promote their new products on Facebook with a targeted advertising campaign;
  2. 2. Get more quote requests by attracting potential customers on an optimised landing page for conversions.


To meet these objectives, we proposed a two-part solution:

  1. Targeting potential customers on Facebook with the creation of a visual ad;
  2. The creation of a specific landing page on which the user experience is optimised and geared towards conversion.

The Facebook Campaign


For this campaign we targeted two types of potential customers:

  1. People who have been to the customer site, thanks to a retargeting “pixel” placed on the home page;
  2. Users subscribed to the USBfactory newsletter that also have a Facebook account, identified through “email matching”.

The landing page

Landing Page

The visual shows the image that was used in the Facebook campaign to build consistency between both the advert and the landing page. You can find the URL to the landing page later in this article.


Résultats Facebook - Prix par conversion

After a month, we secured the following main results for the campaign:

  • 13 conversions (quotation requests) were recorded for 137 USD spent;
  • This means an average cost per conversion of 10.54 USD, while it was close to 80 USD with Google AdWords
  • 23,456 users reached through the Facebook ad


It is important for every company to reduce expenses; whether by telephone sales, LinkedIn or AdWords campaigns, newsletter or networking… Achieving first contact with a potential interests always brings a cost for the company.

With our solutions, we managed to reduce the cost of a quote request by 85% over previous costs, which is a rather convincing result for a first campaign on Facebook.

In terms of learning, we could deduce that Facebook is not the best channel to promote customised Power Banks as business gifts as they are intended for B2B. Facebook, especially in Switzerland, is not a network made up of just “young” users: marketing managers, sales staff, HR managers and many policymakers are on Facebook. As an advertising platform that is constantly developing, Facebook represents a real opportunity to target your potential customers.

The success of this initiative can be attributed to two factors:

  • Precise demographic targeting on Facebook;
  • The design of a landing page focused on a user experience that encouraged conversion.