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Digital Strategy
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Image Plus is a store specialising in unique gifts. Established 25 years ago, it has since grown into the largest card shop in the Romandy region of Switzerland. There are now four stores: two in Lausanne, and one in Yverdon and Neuchâtel.

When this project was initiated, the Image Plus website was under construction and Facebook represented their only opportunity for promotion online.

Image Plus called upon our services to optimize their visibility on Facebook and capitalise on the platform’s potential.


Image Plus called upon our services to achieve two key objectives:

  1. Build interaction on the page to highlight the products that are available in Image Plus stores;
  2. Create a bridge between Facebook and the physical stores.


To meet these objectives, we proposed a campaign on Facebook guided by the following parametres:

  • Duration: 14 days
  • Advertising budget: 100 CHF (not including our services)
  • Targeting: Image Plus Facebook fans; Friends of Image Plus Facebook Fans (to reach those who have not “liked” the page.)
  • Operation: A competition where fans were encouraged to post a photo of an item purchased at Image Plus, with the three most interesting photos winning the first three prizes.

The Facebook Advertising Campaign



Results Facebook 

  • 8000+ people reached
  • 293 total interaction (likes, comments, shares)
  • More than 45 photos posted by fans.

Pictures posted by fans



Image Plus made a selection of their favourite images that best represented their products and chose the following winners:




The Results for the Client

In addition to meeting the objectives of the client on Facebook, this campaign had very positive effects for the image of the store.

With this Facebook campaign, Image Plus was able to:

  • Solidify trade ties: suppliers liked publications which promoted their products;
  • Strengthen the likability of the store through the originality of the competition;
  • Generate customer loyalty: photos showing the most products were rewarded
  • Increase visibility: The competition winner used the 100 CHF that they won immediately in the store and posted a photo on the Facebook wall of Image Plus of their own initiative. This photo was liked by friend, bringing additional visibility.
  • Gain credibility: Many companies organise competitions but fail to outline the awards won by the winners. By posting photos of the winners, Image Plus proved the authenticity of the contest.


Finally, let’s hear from the Marketing Manager of Image Plus:

This campaign has been very rewarding for us. We enjoying seeing our products being used by our customers. We manage all the logistics, purchasing and the development process but we do not often see how our products are used by our customers. The photos that we received strengthened the bond between our products and the lives of our customers, and gave us lots of ideas for the future!