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Battling to the Top of Search Engine Results


Fight-District is a combat and martial arts club based in Prilly, Lausanne. The club opened its doors in April 2015, and offers a wide range of courses, including boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, cross fighting and Karate, among others.


A new club means new challenges. 

To attract new people to a club, you have to be visible. And being visible online means appearing in the top positions on searches related to your area of activity.

With a new website established, the Fight-District team had a clear objective: reach top positions in relevant search engine searches to generate traffic and visits to the website.


In order to get the club into the top positions in search results, we implemented the following solutions:

  • An optimisation of tags and content on each page of the website;

  • Frequently writing articles for the website on a variety of subjects (upcoming fights, results, news, etc.)

  • A network of internal links shared between pages on the website and articles


In just a year, the website has risen to top positions* for the majority of relevant queries related to courses offered at the club.

Here are the flagship queries and the corresponding rankings*:

  • boxe anglaise lausanne - 2nd position
  • boxe thai lausanne - 1st position 
  • boxe thailandaise lausanne - 1st and 2nd position  
  • boxe enfant lausanne - 1st position 
  • kick boxing lausanne - 3rd and 4th position 
  • cours de kick-boxing lausanne  3rd position
  • kick boxing à lausanne - 2nd position 
  • jiu jitsu brésilien lausanne - 1st and 2nd position 
  • cours de boxe lausanne - 1st position
  • mix martial arts lausanne - 1st position 
  • mma lausanne - 1st and 2nd position

Naturally, higher rankings in search engine results means more traffic, which in turn strengthens those ranking positions.

Fight-District will continue to improve and retain their rankings as their website continues to mature.  


Work to optimise websites for good performance in search engine results will start to pay off in the medium-long term: your website will not rank itself well straight away.

However, with careful and precise SEO strategies, you can expect your website to position quicker than expected on search engines.

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*These results are based on searches performed in a private browser with a location based in Lausanne in August 2016.