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Digital Strategy
Facebook Advertising

For those who do not know (yet) the website (Collect – Collecting – Collect’in – K’lekt’in), it is one of the largest marketplaces online to buy and sell pairs of shoes (sneakers, for short) which are not often found elsewhere. The company is based in Cologne, Germany.

In just 2 years, it has become the essential platform for “sneakerheads” everywhere.

Today, K’LEKT has:

  • 103'000 likes on Facebook
  • 90'000 followers on Instagram
  • A number of visits to their website that is so large, that is actually slows Google Analytics when you visit.

Since 2015, we have been handling their SEO issues and the editorial strategy of their blog. In December 2015, we were mandated to manage their Facebook advertising campaigns for Francophone markets.

Here, we will share the challenge that was presented to us and explain how we managed to meet K’LEKT’s goals.


K’LEKT called on our Facebook Ads services to:

  • Promote the sales section of their website to a Francophone audience in Belgium, Switzerland and France. This section highlights the bargains of partnered e-shops, with whom we established strong affiliate links;
  • Generate clicks to this section of the website over a period of one month, with a limited budget.


  • Establishing a “Click to Website” campaign using PowerEditor to maximise the number of clicks on the desired site page;
  • Choosing a concise and clear message that is immediately understood by the audience;
  • Using retargeting (targeting users who have already visited the site);
  • Generating additional custom audiences (people similar to those already visiting the website).

The Facebook Advert


  •  A persuasive message geared towards conversion;
  •  Eye-catching visuals of 5 pairs of Nike Air Max models which are difficult to find – unless you search with K’LEKT;
  • A call-to-action to “Shop Now” which tells the visitors they will be able to buy once on the website.



In numbers 

  •  82,000 people reached by the advert;
  • 4,947 clicks towards the desired page;
  • A cost of €0.02 per click;
  • 605 additional likes on the Facebook page of K’LEKT
  • An overall performance rating of 9 for the campaign, as assigned by Facebook

In words

With a limited budget, we managed to generate 5,000 clicks to the given page, which was a result that was well above expectations. More striking still, the cost per click was spectacularly low at just €0.02 per click. Although the results of our campaigns are always very good, we had never managed to achieve a cost per click at such a low rate. Bonus results: in addition to clicks on the site, we collected an additional 605 likes for their page through this campaign.


This campaign is proof for us that the right message, delivered to the right audience at the right time, can be a huge hit. The sneaker market is very promising at the moment, which obviously helped us to achieve these excellent results for our client.We believe that the most important part of a campaign is targeting. As mentioned in our article on the ineffectiveness of the “Boost Post” option, it is essential to work with professional tools if you want to have the best results on Facebook.

Stop wasting your money with the “Boost Post” option! With personalised audiences, we aimed specifically at those potential customers who had already visited the website - and therefore already expressed an interest – as well as profiles similar to those potential customers. For our first campaign in the French market, this was a huge success! The customer is very satisfied, and it is expected that we will conduct additional campaigns for them this year: so expect more from us soon.

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