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Digital Strategy
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Auto-Moto-Ecole Pittet is a driving school for cars and motorbikes located in the Canton of Vaud. It has been in business in Lausanne, Echallens and Yverdon since the 1970s, and the instructors offer everything to their learners – awareness sessions, theory, preparation for the two-part practical test (car or bike)  – in order to help them pass their test, whether in a car or on a motorbike.


In an increasingly competitive market, the client wished to be seen by a maximum number of people on Google, both in natural and paid search results and on social media.

The aim was to get more people to sign up to the different courses offered.


In order to get the driving school to appear in the top search results, we implemented the following solutions:

  1. Set up a tracking system in order to be able to measure everything
  2. Optimised tags and content on each page on the site
  3. Performed audit and optimisation work on the existing Google AdWords account
  4. Created and managed an Instagram account


  1. 1. We are what we measure. In order to do justice to this expression, we implemented a series of conversion goals on Google Analyticswhich will enable us to understand the path followed by the user before filling in the contact form: in other words, to understand which channel leads to conversion.
  2. 2. For the majority of searches made, the site appears in positions 1-5 compared to previously, when it was shown in positions 5-10:
  • Moto Ecole Lausanne – 2nd
  • Cours de sensibilisation Echallens - 1st and 2nd

  • sensibilisation Lausanne – 4th
    • Cours de sensibilisation – 4th
    • Auto école Lausanne – 3rd
    • Cours pratique moto – 2nd

3. After over three months of constant work on the Google AdWords account – bid optimisation, keyword modification and insertion – we managed to reduce the cost per conversion by more than 40%. 

4. On Instagram, we were pioneering because no other driving school in the region had an Instagram account. By posting a combination of posts inviting users to interact and statements from students having recently passed their test, we quickly obtained very good results, as the following examples show:

Bravo Noé ! Une bonne chose de faite et tout de bon pour la suite ????

Une publication partagée par Auto-Moto-Ecole Pittet (@automotoecolepittet) le

Bravo Tristan ! Merci et bonne route ????????

Une publication partagée par Auto-Moto-Ecole Pittet (@automotoecolepittet) le


As with our previous success story, the on-site optimisation work paid off once more. When you create a website, remember to optimise the content if you want to have a chance of positioning yourself correctly in the relevant searches for your area of activity.

Regarding the optimisation carried out on Google AdWords, we offer the following tips:

  • Test your ads
  • Work on your keywords by integrating searches made by users
  • Work on your landing pages

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