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Digital Strategy
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TotUP is a crèche which will launch at the end of 2017/start of 2018 in Geneva. It is based on the teaching of logic and maths, all in a bilingual (French/English) format.


The client’s goal was to encourage people to pre-register so that, when the crèche opens, it will already be full.


  1. 1. Create a French-English landing page

  2. 2. Create Google AdWords ads to attract traffic to the landing page


  1. 1. The landing page created for TotUP was carefully thought out. In order to work, it needs to contain the following elements:


  • Clear information about the opening of the crèche 
  • A simple form which is quick to fill in and which has been designed for conversion
  • Reassurance for parents
  • The necessary contact details

2. After over three months of constant work on the Google AdWords account – bid optimisation, keyword modification and insertion – we managed to reduce the cost per conversion by more than 40%, as well as obtain very good conversion rates.



It works! To date, the crèche has received almost 700 pre-registrations. They won’t all translate to final registrations, but a large number of them will.

As the website is brand new, even though there’s quite a lot of demand in this sector, it isn’t necessarily easy to position the site in the organic results on Google straight away. Choosing AdWords as the main channel proved to be a good option for this client.

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